Cassville woman attacked by two dogs along Main Street

Published: Aug. 9, 2019 at 4:17 PM CDT
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A dog attack in Cassville sent a woman to the hospital with more than 25 bite wounds and broken arms.

The attack happened along Main Street in Cassville early Wednesday morning. Tania Morris lives across the street from where it happened. She heard someone calling for help across the street from her house around 5 a.m.

"I saw a big white dog and a big white dog on top of her on the street here," Morris said.

The victim of the attack is Kristie Preddy, a school counselor, who had been out exercising.

"Both of her arms were all bloody and bitten up," Morris said.

Morris helped get the dogs away and EMS took Preddy to the hospital.

"Kristie is doing very well. She is in a lot of pain. She does have over 25 bites over her body," Cassville Schools Superintendent Dr. Richard Asbill said.

Dr. Asbill says Preddy will also have to get rabies shots and her arms are broken. Preddy is loved by many people at the school and in the community.

"We are making meals for her family and just making sure that she is cared for like she has cared for all of us," Dr. Asbill said.

Meanwhile, Morris says she has seen the dogs around the neighborhood before, but had never seen them act aggressively.

"This whole time I'd told my daughter, it's totally fine to go play with them," Morris said.

However, Cassville's police chief says the dog's owner had been given a vicious dog citation about a week or so before this attack. While the dogs hadn't bitten anyone at that point, the owner had told a judge that the dogs were no longer in town.

Now, with the area where the attack happened being close to school, the attack has some raised some concerns.

"Parents concerned about their walkers. We want them to be mindful that those first couple days and weeks of school, it's always good to give the kids extra supervision," Dr. Asbill said.

Dr. Asbill says parents, the district, and the city continue to work together for the safety of the school area. They have spoken with city leaders about this incident and are also asking parents and community members to always keep safety in mind.

"We need to be more vigilant about safety," Dr. Asbill said. "This is a good reminder that we need to do that."

The dogs are in quarantine for ten days with a local veterinarian. As for the owner, she is expected to be in court on August 19.

The police chief does not know what kinds of dogs they were. She says they appeared to be mix breeds.