Camp Character near Willard seeks community support

Published: May. 25, 2018 at 11:29 AM CDT
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In the Willard area, kids are getting ready for a stay at Camp Character. It's a camp that began last year through the Willard Police Athletic League and dare program.

Camp Character is on a 49 acre tract of city owned land. The Willard DARE/Police Athletic League's camp was new last year.

It is for kids ages 10 to 12, and focuses on teaching kids four pillars of character- responsibility, discernment, honor, and self-control. It's designed to be a relaxed environment where kids spend time with police officers doing things like team building activities and hiking on the camp's nearly 2 miles of trail.

This year's overnight character camp is scheduled for the night of June 1st through June 2nd. Parents have until Monday to turn in an application at the Willard Police Department. Camp supporters have been busy working on maintenance and development of the camp, preparing to welcome kids.

But they are also working to raise enough money for a tractor to help maintain and develop the campgrounds.

They have a tractor picked out that they would like to purchase to help keep up the camp.

Tom McClain, Willard Police Chief says "It's just a real pleasant encounter where we're cooking out and playing games, going on hikes, using compasses, finding specific locations. It's just a real opportunity for kids to develop a love for the outdoors and a huge opportunity for us to camp on these attributes of character, that will, if established in their lives, it will help them as they walk that path."

They have a tractor picked out that they would like to purchase to help keep up the camp. Conco Quarries challenged the community with a $1,500 match donation, and they have raised about $4,700, with the goal being about $11,000. If you'd like to help, contact Willard Police Department or visit their fundraising site at the attached link.