Check your mail: Mercy adopts new billing system

Published: Jul. 10, 2017 at 6:26 PM CDT
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If you see a doctor regularly, go the the E-R, or have a hospital stay, you're looking at a stack of bills later.

Right now when you see a doctor or go to the hospital... you get a bill for every service. The consultation, medicine, lab work, x-rays... it's all separate.

That is what's changing. Now you'll get a consolidated or itemized bill once a month. Mercy workers say the new system cuts the clutter.

Services will be consolidated into one bill. You'll see a list of services on one statement each month ... instead of getting separate statements for every service. You can still pay for services separately or pay the sum.

Mercy has no interest payment plans.

CoxHealth tells Contact KY3 its in the planning stages for similar change and issued this statement.

"CoxHealth is working toward consolidating all bills into one monthly statement. To continually improve our registration and billing process, we are holding a series of focus groups this summer to gather feedback from the community."