Chief's fans celebrate win in Springfield

Founder and President of The Wolf's Den, Brad Youngs said, "The crowd is amazing. No doubt the rain helped. No snow, no ice, so we had a great turnout today."

Youngs was excited to be back at Coyote's Adobe Cafe today - for the Chiefs first round home play-off game, hosting the Colts. But today, was a little different than their normal tradition.

"We decided to do a party today at Adobe, Youngs said. "Ive been to all these play-off games and lost, and didn't want to drive home a loser."

Youngs and other Wolf Den members showed up hours before kick-off to stake out their seats, hang their banner, and get ready for the game.

Fans packed the Springfield restaurant by game time, and for Youngs, he says he's trying to break old superstitions for something new.

"Everytime I went, they lost. So we stayed home, had faith in our team to get us to next weekend," said Youngs.

Staying in Springfield today meant celebrating the first round win with wall-to-wall Wolf Den fans. And, with today's 31-13 win, now, something else to look forward to that Youngs says has been a long time coming.

"Its kind of a bucket list deal," Youngs said. "I want to see the Lamar Hunt Trophy presented to Clark Hunt. I've been waiting now over 48 years for this, so it's our's our time to do it."