Christian County Sheriff says extra deputies out on the road on Valentine's Day

Published: Feb. 14, 2020 at 9:38 PM CST
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You might see more deputies on the road Friday night as you travel to and from your Valentine's destination.

Christian County Sheriff Brad Cole said there are more than double the number of deputies out on the roads Friday than usual.

"Nobody wants their family or loved ones to be a victim of a drunk driver or be a victim of a hazardous moving violation where somebody gets hurt," the sheriff said.

Sheriff Cole said his deputies work tirelessly to protect drivers out on the road.

"We will have about four extra deputies on the roadway tonight," he said.

The sheriff said the extra deputies working Friday are part of a safety initiative funded by the state.

"We're not doing anything any different today than we do every other day," he said. "The only difference today is we've partnered with MoDOT and Highway Safety and we have more deputies on the roadway this evening."

Sheriff Cole said the program determines which days the deputies up their enforcement.. Friday,Valentines Day, just happened to be one of them.

"People that wouldn't be on the roadway tonight on a Friday night have plans to go eat with their spouse or their significant others just because it is Valentine's Day," the sheriff said. "We want to remind them to be safe on the roadway as well."

The deputies patrol the entire county, but they're concentrating on some of the busier roads and intersections.

"We've strategically placed those deputies in high traffic areas where statistically there are more traffic crashes and more DWI related incidents, so we'll concentrate on those areas tonight," the sheriff said.

Sheriff Cole said heavy traffic comes with a lot of risks and their goal is to help you get home safely.

"Our efforts tonight is to try to reduce those traffic incidents [and] hopefully prevent any fatalities that could happen from a drunk driver and keep the roadways safe tonight for our citizens," he said.

The sheriff also encouraged drivers to take a ride share, like Uber and Lyft home if they have been drinking.

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