Christian County leaders approve new rehab facility for men outside Ozark

OZARK, Mo. -- Christian County leaders approved a plan to build a new rehab facility for men in residential area outside Ozark.

The Christian County Board of Adjustment voted 2-1 to grant a special zoning permit for the new Synergy Recovery Center. The facility would replace a burned down home on 2608 Smyrna Road. The planned facility met the two biggest requirements for a special zoning permit. It’s at least 500 feet from the nearest residential zone (plans say it’s 630 feet away), and is at least 10 acres (the owners have 37.5 acres).

The group has operated a similar facility in Rogersville for women since 2015. The draw of this facility, they say, is that its limited client size (a maximum of eight men), secluded location, and the comprehensive background checks that their patients go through lead to more success stories.

Public comments largely surround safety concerns.