Christian County Sheriff's Office increases patrol for safe St. Patrick's weekend

Published: Mar. 16, 2019 at 8:36 PM CDT
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Deputies and bars throughout Christian County are taking steps to make sure the St.Patrick's Day celebrations stay safe.

Shanelle Duree,is a manager at Big Whiskey's in Ozark. She says this weekend is one of their biggest, and they look forward to it every year.

"We almost see double the customers than what we see typically, and our sales on St. Patty's Day," explained Duree.

Due to the high volume preparation, service, and safety are key. Duree says their workers are all trained to make sure customers are safe before they leave the bar.

"Our servers have been trained and are very cautious to be aware of drinkers and when they're being over served, and to make sure they have food and stuff like that," explained Duree

Outside the bars, local law enforcement is making sure the roads stay safe.

Christian County Sheriff, Brad Cole says they are partnering with MoDot, and the highway patrol public safety department for a four day reporting weekend.

"We increase our patrol," said Sheriff Cole "We put extra deputies on the road to try and keep the roads safer, and take those people off the roadway that may partake in some kind of alcohol beverage."

However, their goal is not just DWI enforcement.

"We're not only here to enforce the law and keep the motoring public safe, and keep our citizens safe, but we're here to help people," said Sheriff Cole.

He say's they want to help.

"We're willing to help, get you a ride, set it up do whatever we need to do to keep you and the public safe," explained Sherif Cole.