City of Branson, Mo. stay-at-home order goes beyond state of Missouri's

Published: Apr. 17, 2020 at 11:42 AM CDT
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The city of Branson, Mo. wants to remind you its stay-at-home order goes past the state of Missouri's.

City leaders announced its order will go through May 15. The state's order stops May 3. Taney County currently reports seven cases of the coronavirus.

Only “essential” businesses like medical facilities, grocery stores, law firms, accounting firms, and financial institutions will continue to operate. Daycares may stay open for children of parents who work in "essential businesses." The city administrator and and emergency management director can make exceptions to allow certain businesses like home repair contractors to operate in emergency circumstances.

Workers at non-essential businesses may work from home. Those workers may only work on the premises of their business if no more than ten people, who pertain to the business itself, are present. The city administrator and the emergency management director can choose to allow more people on premises, as they deem necessary.

Restaurants must remain drive-thru, delivery, pick-up operations. No one is allowed to dine-in at dining facilities.

Not-for-profit operations, like Christian Action Ministries' drive-thru food pantry and school districts’ meal services, will be allowed to continue, while maintaining social distancing measures.