City of Branson names new police chief

Published: Sep. 13, 2016 at 10:34 PM CDT
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The City of Branson is proud to announce the naming of Stanley Dobbins as its new Chief of Police to lead the Branson Police Department.

Currently serving as the Interim Chief of Police since former Chief Kent Crutcher’s retirement in May, Dobbins was one of four final candidates selected by a panel composed of diverse sitting Police Chiefs across the state of Missouri facilitated by the Missouri Police Chiefs Association (MPCA) in Jefferson City, Missouri.

A national search was conducted through early July which produced eighteen qualified applicants screened and approved by the MPCA panel of chiefs, which was then refined to a total of nine semi-finalists. The nine semi-finalists interviewed with the MPCA panel in Jefferson City on July 28-29, at which time each candidate underwent a rigorous series of assessments comprised of three parts:

1) an ‘in-basket’ exercise where candidates submitted written responses to specific challenges and situations explaining the ways he/she would address issues law enforcement may face including high profile hostage situations as well as routine occurrences;

2) a media presentation conducted in a simulated high-stress situation in which he/she would be required to address the public during an informal news interview or formal press conference; and,

3) a comprehensive interview in which the panel evaluated each candidate’s individual management style, issue resolution and methodologies used, accomplishments and accolades, training and past experiences in their law enforcement careers.

Upon completion of the two-day assessments, MPCA provided the City with evaluation scores by the panel, ranking candidates numerically by their scores in all areas to present the top four candidates to the City of Branson who were then invited to Branson August 23-26 where further interviews were

conducted by local community and business leaders including elected officials, risk/safety experts including a Fire Department Battalion Chief and a representative of the City’s insurance pool (also a former Chief of Police), City of Branson departmental directors, and current members of the Branson police force led by Police Captain Steve Lisby. In addition, each candidate underwent Myers-Briggs testing to identify and evaluate his/her leadership traits and capabilities.

With finalists from Missouri, Nebraska, Arkansas and Texas, the top four candidates averaged more than 27 years’ of experience in law enforcement ranging from a 20-36 year tenure. While all held college degrees in Criminal Justice or Police Science, two candidates – including Dobbins – earned graduate degrees. Three of the four graduated FBI National Academy in Quantico, VA with Dobbins having graduated Valedictorian of his class. Two candidates were current Deputy/Assistant Chiefs ready for promotion while the remaining two are current/practicing or former Chiefs of Police.

“I am pleased with the way this team of experts and city representatives and employees worked so diligently to identify the most qualified candidate to serve as City of Branson’s next Chief of Police,” says City Administrator Bill Malinen. “Considering the critical importance of a role that assumes responsibility for public safety in a city that can have millions of people visiting on any given day, there were obvious components and considerations that only a panel of law enforcement experts could evaluate. While City staff remained objective and committed to the recommendations of the expert MPCA panel, I was pleased and proud that Chief Dobbins surfaced as the most qualified candidate to assume the post of one of the City’s most honorable and important roles,” Malinen added.

According to new Chief of Police Stanley Dobbins, “I am truly humbled to be selected to serve this great community I have come to love and am proud to call home. The citizens of this community are like family to me, and I take great pride in maintaining the safety of both our residents and guests. I look forward to working with the men and women of our organization and watching us all grow.”

Police Chief Stanley Dobbins has 36 years of experience in law enforcement and has served the City of Branson as Assistant Chief of Police for four years (6 months as Interim Chief of Police), with former experience serving the Kansas City, Missouri region. Dobbins earned a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice Administration from Park University and a Masters degree in Sociology Criminal Justice from Lincoln University. Graduating top of his class as Valedictorian at the FBI National Academy as well the Southern Police Institute at the University of Louisville. Of the numerous serious/violent crimes in Dobbins’ history, none remain unsolved including homicides and aggravated assaults.

For more information about the City of Branson, visit www.BransonMO.Gov and follow @CityofBranson on Twitter for regular news and updates. For immediate inquiries related to this content, contact Jennifer Langford, City of Branson Communications Manager at