City of Nixa, Mo. encourages social distancing, mask wearing despite COVID-19 restrictions lifted

Published: Jun. 29, 2020 at 6:51 PM CDT
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Mask requirements and distancing measures may have disappeared in some places around Nixa but the city knows the coronavirus didn't vanish altogether.

"It doesn't mean it's an all clear. It doesn't mean it's safe to do whatever you want and go back to normal," said Nixa spokesperson, Drew Douglas.

A couple weeks ago, Nixa decided to lift all its restrictions as cases statewide were under control.

"Effective June 16th is when the mayor allowed his previous emergency orders to expire," said Douglas.

Nixa spokesperson Drew Douglas said practicing safe hygiene, wearing masks and social distancing is highly recommended.

Christian County has seen 50 cases since March. That's low compared to places where numbers are spiking farther south and west. There's currently there are 15 active cases.

"Individuals have learned a lot about this. It's time they make their own decision on protecting their health, businesses and loved ones," said Douglas.

Douglas said while the county has seen a low number to this point he hopes people following CDC guidelines will help it stay that way.

"Fifteen cases out of 90,000 or whatever the population of Christian County is is still pretty low and we want to keep it that way. We want to keep it that way. We're asking people continue to take measures to keep those cases low so they don't rise," said Douglas.

The Christian County Health Department updates its Facebook page regularly when there's a new case and the possible locations the patient has been to.

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