City of Rogersville experiencing unprecedented population growth

Published: Jul. 25, 2018 at 4:36 PM CDT
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You could most certainly call it a building boom. The City of Rogersville is experiencing unprecedented growth. The town of just more than 3,000 is now set to add at least 50 percent to its population in the next two years.

"I began to pray over this place about a year and a half ago that life would come into this area," said David Clouse, the owner of Jamestown Plaza, a business development just off Highway 60 in Rogersville, Mo.

Clouse recently purchased Jamestown Plaza, a development well-known for being vacant for several years, and the storefronts are now quickly filling up with professional offices, as business owners work to capitalize on the nearby growth of neighborhoods like Patriot Place where builder Tyler Bussell said the demand for housing was shocking.

"After the first few months we could not build the homes quick enough. We could not finish a spec home before it was sold, and we had at times probably 30 customs in there alone," Bussell said.

Bussell and his father spearheaded the development which included nearly 100 homes built and sold within about two years. There are also multiple other subdivisions under construction and more in the works including residential homes, apartments, and retirement villages.

"It's still that hometown feel. It's that smaller hometown feel, but yet it's right close to Springfield with the traffic going toward Springfield. It's not as congested as some of the other towns that surround Springfield, and it's just a quick shot right in," Michelle Cantrell, a real estate agent for Murney, said.

With that growth comes growing pains. Rogersville city administrator Larry Sutton said the developments have kept city leaders busy with changes to water and sewage and other infrastructure. They have also had to add to the police force in the last year.

Sutton said he is hoping for more retail development as well to help generate more tax dollars to pay for the additional services. The city has a use tax on the August primary that would collect money from Internet purchases.

"There's times and seasons, and I believe that this is the season right now for Rogersville, Missouri," Clouse said.