Civil unrest causes leads to rise in gun sales in the Ozarks

Published: Jun. 4, 2020 at 9:12 PM CDT
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Cherokee Firearms off of Kansas Expressway was bustling, with many people purchasing guns for safety as unrest covers the nation.

"I purchased my pistol today," said Skyler Young.

Skyler Young has been thinking about buying a gun for some time, but with recent protests, he decided to finally make the move.

"I have two kids, I have a son and a daughter and just with everything going on, I just want to make sure I can protect me and my family, just making sure we are safe," said Young.

Young is just one of many to purchase a gun right now, owners at Cherokee Firearms say they have sold about 150 firearms within the past 10 days.

"That's double from what we normally do," said Nick Newman.

Nick Newman is the owner of Cherokee Firearms. He says sales were already up because of people buying firearms during the pandemic, but since protests started, there has been a surge, most of them being first-time gun owners.

"We are about 40 percent of what we normally have as far as long guns and handguns in the store," said Newman.

And with the constantly high demand throughout the year, Newman says its been much harder to get supplies.

"Maybe 10 percent of the items I normally order is available to get from distributors or manufacturers," said Newman.

"I have no AR 15's today and we build our own here, we manufacture our own product, but I am out of parts and I can't even resupply that stuff," said Newman.

And while Young was able to purchase the gun he wanted today, he says it will help him to feel more secure.

"People will second guess doing something to you or trying something if they know you can protect yourself in that way," said Young.