Claire McCaskill holds rally in Springfield

Published: Nov. 5, 2018 at 6:29 PM CST
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Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill spent some time in Springfield Monday afternoon to rally voters in a very close senate race between her and Republican Candidate Josh Hawley.

"I think people have decided that it's time to stop just sitting on the couch and cussing the T.V. It's time to get out, get busy and get things done," she said. "I think the most important things to remember are the contrasts between the two candidates who are on the ballot."

McCaskill said she will continue to work hard.

"It's not very satisfying to stand on one side of the room and say the other guys stink. It is satisfying to find common ground, find those places where we can agree on things and actually get something done for Missouri families," she said.

She said she strives to work with President Trump.

"It depends on the issue. I think that there are many issues that I voted with him on that some people in this crowd don't like. There's many issues that I voted against him that some people in the other crowd don't like. Hopefully, Missouri as a whole appreciates my independence," she said.

Though McCaskill doesn't always agree with him.

She said, "But wiping out the ACA and insurance for thousands of Missourians and getting rid of preexisting conditions, which his administration is part of this lawsuit to do that, and tariffs. I'm not going to go for that."

McCaskill said her commitment to Missouri is unwavering.

"I'm sure that no matter how it turns out tomorrow, there's two things I know for sure. I will always love this state with every fiber of my being. Secondly, I will always work hard to try to make it better for everybody who lives here," she said.

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