Clever Police Department receives dash cams from other local police departments

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CLEVER, Mo Some police departments around the Ozarks are helping each other out.

The department in Clever recently received some dash cameras from some of their neighbors.

The Clever Police Department received five dash cameras from the Bolivar police department, with the help from the Nixa Police Department.

Chief Darren Whisnant said when he took the role as police chief of Clever, he looked to get dash cameras right away.

But he said with their budget, it wasn't going to happen.

So he reached out to his former department, Nixa, to see if they had any extras.

But they said they had given their extras to Bolivar.

"Bolivar had them sitting to the side, they had all new equipment so it was surplus that they were disposing of, so we happened to ask at the right time for the right equipment." said Darren Whisnant, Police Chief of the Clever Police Department.

Now Clever has dash cameras in almost all of their patrol cars, something Whisnant says will revolutionize his department.

"Without their help we still be in the 1980's 1990's." said Whisnant.

Officers say the cameras will help protect them, but also the citizens.

"The camera system captures everything we do. It keeps us honest, it keep the public honest. It is not a he said, she said story anymore." said Joel Schulz, patrol officer with the Clever Police Department.

And it will help the officers do their job better...

"After a traffic stop, if I don't think it went quite well, I can go back and review that traffic stop and learn from that traffic stop." said Schulz.

The cameras can be triggered many different ways, like when the lights are switched on, or by the officer pressing a button on his uniform.

Whisnant is very thankful for the other departments eagerness to help.

"I have been greeted with open arms by all of the chiefs of police on this job. A picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million." said Whisnant.

Chief Whisnant says they are looking to get two body cameras up and running to be used by their school resource officers.

The department has been using the new dash cameras for about two weeks.