Clinton supporters shocked, disappointed, and afraid

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NEW YORK (Gray DC) -- Hillary Clinton's supporters say they're disappointed, shocked, and afraid. Many of the voters who showed up to cheer on Clinton at her election night party say they wished she addressed the crowd on election night.

“I don’t know what happened I really don’t know,” said Jasper Rischen.

Hillary Clinton's campaign chair John Podesta sent supporters home from the election night party at 2am. Clinton didn’t show up.

“Everyone here was very upset and surprised because we didn’t expect this to happen,” said Sara Soltani.

“She prepared a lot she’s great. I think she would have been great for the country,” Jaz Basra added.

Election night was filled with a roller coaster of emotions for Clinton supporters.

“I don’t know how America would be if Donald Trump is president. I don’t know how my future would turn out,” said Isaac Block

For Clinton supporters, election night 2016 was a night that most people didn't expect and possibly a night that will change the way Americans view future elections.

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