Cockroach infested home to be demolished by City of Springfield

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Springfield, Mo. -- Neighbors have been living a nightmare, a house next door with serious fleas and cockroaches walking right into their homes.

That's about to change, tomorrow, Sept. 1, 2017, the city has plans to take down the house located at 2100 N. Elizabeth Ave.

Chris Straw, the Director of Building Development Services said the procedure to condemn a house takes time, it gave the landlord a chance to clean up the mess.

When it wasn't cleaned up, workers started tearing out asbestos Thursday, August 31, 2017, and will demolish the home by the end of the week.

Now neighbors said they won't talk until the house is on the knocked down, but earlier this month described the misery from the house next door.

"About 10 o'clock at night, my entire front door will be covered with roaches, the entire front of the house will have roaches," Stephanie Bond said. "I come out and my hose is sitting out on the front porch cause I come out and spray the hose."

Earlier this month, Dale Milam described the impact the bug infested home was causing.

"Nightmares, we have them in every room of this house," Milam said. "I was sitting here Sunday night, and I had a baby one run across my foot as I was on my laptop. I picked up my drink from here, and I had one run down my arm that was a full grown one."

We called the management company for the owner of the property and left a message, but so far have not heard back.