ON YOUR SIDE: Coin shortage affecting some Ozarks businesses

Published: Jun. 30, 2020 at 5:41 PM CDT
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If you have change in your pocket or wallet right now, you might want to go cash it in. We're facing a nationwide coin shortage due to COVID-19.

One of the locations seeing fewer coins is this Fast and Friendly on Kansas Expressway in Springfield. Store Manager Joshua Ritter says his bank is limiting the amount of coins he can have. It's certainly been a change for Ritter these days.

"The bank is limiting us, rationed us of what we can get," said Ritter.

A nationwide shortage on coins means he's turning people away who come in asking to buy a roll of quarters, and has him actually asking customers for some help.

"We'll buy your change from you, when people come in and have a lot of extra quarters," said Ritter. "We definitely appreciate that."

Ritter's store functions as usual, but he's heard that's not the case in other locations.

"We're not to the point yet where we're asking for exact change," he said. "But some of the other locations around town are."

A combination of more people swiping credit cards and less overall business across the country means loose change is not making its way into stores. KY3 visited with several banks and businesses around Springfield.

Some said they haven't seen a problem. Others, like Ritter, certainly noticed a difference.

"They don't say it will get worse," said Ritter, referring to banks. "It'll only get better from here because now coins are currently starting to get to the reserve which will then get turned back to the banks so then it'll get redistributed back out into the community."

Ritter said he's been told that this shortage of coins will likely last as long as the pandemic does, however long that is.

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