Colorado woman fined for feeding deer in home

DENVER (KDVR/CNN) - A Colorado woman is facing a fine for multiple instances of feeding deer inside her home.

A woman is fined for feeding deer inside her home; she was caught because she posted videos of herself online. (Source: KDVR/CNN)

Authorities discovered videos Lori Dixon posted online of her feeding the animals.

“It’s a selfish act. It’s unethical, it’s unlawful and it’s dangerous,” Jason Clay, spokesperson for Colorado Parks and Wildlife, said.

Dixon says she learned her lesson. She was fined $550.50.

"When you feed wildlife, they become habituated. They expect to be fed and they associate humans with food," Clay said.

Dixon says she was a veterinary technician for 7 years.

"If something comes to me and needs my help, I'm going to help it. That's just who I am, human or not," Dixon said.

The video outlines a serious issue in Colorado: people not letting wildlife stay wild.

"They may think it's harmless, they may think it's helpful, they may think that wildlife can't get by during winter, but doing that causes more harm than good," Clay said.

Clay hopes the hefty fine sends a message that will change people’s behavior.

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