Company demonstrates new non-lethal weapon for police in Springfield

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Police in Springfield learned insight into a new non-lethal weapon.

Wrap Technologies demonstrated a tool called the Bola Wrap. It's a device meant to be worn on an officer's belt that fires a cord from a distance of 10 to 25 feet. Creators believe it can especially be a useful tool when dealing with people in a mental health crisis. They say it's biggest benefits are that it does not cause pain and can be used from a safe distance. Wrap Technologies says there are about 15 agencies across the United States testing the new weapon.

Chief Paul Williams says he's happy to look at new options like this.

'Looking at ways to give officers another tool before having to resort to that last resort sometimes if someone has a weapon or attacks an officer, where they have to shoot them and potentially kill them and we have had that happen here as well," said Chief Paul Williams. "So anything we can do to keep from getting to that point is certainly worth looking at."

Wrap Technologies is leaving a few of the Bola Wrap devices with Springfield police for them to continue testing. They costs about $800 per unit and $30 a cartridge.