Constitutional carry bill passes state house

Published: Apr. 26, 2016 at 9:16 PM CDT
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Gun owners in Missouri could soon be allowed to carry a gun anywhere open carry is currently allowed. House Bill 1468 would make Missouri a constitutional carry state, meaning you would not have to have a concealed-carry license to carry a concealed gun as long as it's somewhere open carry is currently allowed.

Concealed guns would still be banned in churches and government buildings. The bill is sponsored by Springfield Representative Eric Burlison and passed 112-37, but one of Springfield's other representatives voted against the bill.

"We want to limit conceal and carry to people who undergo this basic training, they have to obtain a permit and prove they can handle a weapon safely; that's what the law has been in Missouri for probably 13 years now and there's no reason to change it and put the public at risk," says Representative Charlie Norr (D) District 137.

"We should not require citizens who simply wish to protect themselves to have to pay expensive fees and go through training simply to protect themselves under their constitutional rights," says Representative Eric Burlison (R) District 136. "If you don't want to get a permit and be put in a govt database and pay expensive fees you don't have to do that to simply defend yourself."

The bill would also expand Missouri's Castle Doctrine statute to include guests at a home, and would allow you to keep a gun in your vehicle even if your employer has a no-gun policy.