Did your teen get this summer job offer in the mail?

Published: May. 19, 2016 at 6:24 PM CDT
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The company is called Vector Marketing. They use the same mailing services as credit card companies and colleges. That's how they find your child's name and address.

"It doesn't say anything about what they want us to do. It just says some of the benefits," said Travis Keith.

Keith just graduated from Dixon High School and got the offer.

"When I first received it and seen that I was on the list ... I thought, that's really cool. Someone is interested in hiring me. I have never heard of this place before. Thought no big deal, I'll check it out.," he said.

Keith found out Vector recruits recent grads to sell Cutco kitchen products.

"You have to go out and make all these appointments and go out and sell all these knifes. Basically in our area it's not a good thing to do, because everyone lives so far of a distance," he said.

Online reviews site employees must pay for knife sets upfront.

"To pay money to get money ... that's not worth it," said Keith.

The Career Center does not list job openings with a required down payment.

"We won't post jobs that require someone to put money down upfront. If you have to pay for training, materials or anything like that -- those jobs won't be posted through us because we don't want someone to have that debt," said Megan Short, with the Career Center.

The company has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. There are posts on Facebook and other websites about allegations of sexual misconduct by recruits.

Here's what Vector tells Contact KY3:

"We appreciate your interest and the opportunity to share the truth.

These rumors being spread about our company are 100% false. They have been debunked by sources including Snopes, CBS, Fox, the BBB, and multiple police departments.

We are a socially conscious U.S. company that has been in business since 1981. We recruit sales reps for Cutco cutlery. For years Cutco and college students have worked together hand-in-hand. Our customers love our youthful and enthusiastic sales reps. The students gain great business experience and a good income.

We use the same mailing services that are available to credit card companies, photographers, colleges, and universities.

We maintain a safe environment for our recruits, and are proud to teach skills they will use throughout their careers, whether they continue to work with Vector or move on to other opportunities.

There are ZERO costs to work for our company. Decades ago, the policy was to place a fully-refundable deposit down upon borrowing the companies sample kit, similar to a deposit for an apartment. If the representative ever felt that the job was no longer for them, they could return their sample kit to the local office or use our pre-paid return label to mail their kit back to our corporate office for a full refund.

Our current policy is as follows: Once an individual completes training to become a sales representative, they’re loaned a CUTCO sample set that has a retail value of $425. As long as they remain active in the business, they can borrow that sample kit for all demonstrations and show potential customers how great the products are. If they eventually decide that they don’t want to continue selling CUTCO®, they just simply return their sample kit to the local office or mail it to our corporate office and they’re good to go.

For more information about our company, visit or contact us at"