Contact KY3 Investigation: Customers demand refunds from Springfield sunroom company

Published: Oct. 11, 2017 at 5:19 PM CDT
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County inspectors find and customers say a Springfield business is doing shoddy work.

More than half a dozen people tell Contact KY3 they paid Four Seasons Sunrooms – also known as Springfield Sunrooms – more than one hundred thirteen thousand dollars. One of those customers is now suing the company.

Cheri Wheeler had big dreams for her sunroom, but she'll tell you this is a botched project. She hired Four Seasons, also known as Springfield Sunrooms, in March. A crew started the job in May.

"If they got it finished, it would take about three weeks," she said.

The fan is still in the box. Her husband, Bob, stapled plastic to the window openings to prevent rain from coming in the structure. The Wheeler's paid in full for the project.

" Thirty-six thousand dollars is what we paid," she said.

Same goes for Barry Banzet. He hired Four Seasons in February.

"This should have been a forty-five day job max," he said.

Two hundred thirty-four days later, his backyard looks like a construction site.

"To be honest with you we don't come out here. It's been such a stressful event for us," Banzet said.

He paid thirty-four thousand dollars.

"I want it done, but my question is what mistake is next?" he asked.

Customers call this shoddy work and so does Greene County. These projects are not up to code. We pulled the twenty-six pages of county documents. Banzet's project has three field correction notices.

This addition does not meet a twenty-five foot setback requirement or proper footing. The Wheeler's also have three field correction notices ... dealing with framework problems. The inspector wrote --- 'Do not insulate or rock.'

Contact KY3 called Four Seasons. We told the owner we talked with upset customers on camera. The owner, Michael Hainrihar, declined our request for an interview on camera, but agreed to answer questions on the phone.

"It's not that I didn't want to come in or do it ... it's because ... life happens and I didn't want to not respond. Then what? We are not perfect, but we are growing. With anything comes challenges. We are working on them," said Hainrihar.

Ashley Reynolds asked, "Why do you continue to take their money and they don't see results? "

"It's more of a communication thing. I'm very sorry they're upset. I'm very sorry they're frustrated. I would encourage them to call me directly. I will be happy to meet with them personally at their house to get it rectified and to solve the problem," said Hainrihar.

Reynolds asked, "Have you considered stopping new projects in order to catch-up?"

"Yes we have actually ... we stopped pursuing window jobs and some other types of work too. We have absolutely already stopped that and done that for those very reasons," he said.

Hainrihar says another reason for the delay -- he needs more workers.

This is a common problem in the construction industry ... plenty of jobs, not enough crews.

The Wheeler's got an attorney and gave Four Seasons a deadline to start working again. That was Monday - when the crew was a no-show ... the Wheelers filed for a breach of contract. They want their money back. They've hired another company.

On the Better Business Bureau website, Four Seasons has mixed reviews. We'll let you know if the customers we talked with get a refund or if the jobs get done.