Contact KY3 Investigation: How to detect fake handbags sold on Facebook

Just in time for the holiday season ... buyer beware of fake, counterfeit, bags sold on Facebook. Real Louis Vuitton bags can sell for thousands of dollars. A quick search on Facebook marketplace will show you dozens of used Louis Vuitton bags for a much cheaper price, but are they the 'Real McCoy?'

"Oh, it's beautiful Italian leather and it just feels good. It just feels good walking around with it," said Leanne Potter.

Potter scrolls in search of a real deal. She says the Facebook marketplace is full of knockoffs. Here's why:

"eBay has a giant appendix of things to show you what's a real one and what's a fake one. There's a reason why they're selling them on marketplace because they know they can't get caught," she said.

Contact KY3 purchased two used bags on Facebook marketplace advertised as Louis Vuitton. We took the bags to The Review Shoppe. We were told both bags are fake.

All Louis Vuitton handbags are handmade.The number of stitches, matters -- some models only have five near the handle. All bags have a number. That number is put in different places.

"If you ever have a padlock it will always have a number on it," said Brenda Hopkins.

Canvas lining on the inside. Authentic won't rust.

"It can get darker ... and oxidize, but it will not tarnish," said Hopkins.

Find which bag you want, from the Louis Vuitton website. Study that bag. Research the markings. Then, look for the used bag. Expect to pay hundreds of dollars. Assume that a cheap price equals a counterfeit.
Springfield police tell us they don't handle these complaints. You can call the Attorney General.