Controversy in Ozark over where a cell phone tower will be built

Published: Nov. 16, 2018 at 5:33 PM CST
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There is a controversy in Ozark, as some people are upset about a new cell phone tower that will go up near their homes.

The cell phone tower will be built behind the left field wall of U.S. Baseball Park in Ozark... but just a few hundred feet away is a neighborhood.

City council sent out a notice to those living in the neighborhood about a request to build the AT&T tower.

"They did have a city council meeting concerning it and a few of the residents were able to go." said Jim Blume, who lives in the neighborhood.

At the meeting, the board of alderman heard from concerned citizens and city officials.

Then they voted 4-to-1 to approve the permit for construction of the tower.

Blume did research after the meeting and is worried about the effects on his health.

"I think it needs a lot more investigation as to the health risk involved long term on the microwave radiation because it is in the same spectrum as radar. So all microwave radiation has a bit of detrimental health concerns." said Blume.

Other neighbors I spoke with were worried about the tower lowering their property value.

Ben Toliver, who lives in the neighborhood, says he wishes they would build the tower further away from them.

And Blume agrees.

"Even if it was on the other side of the ballpark it would help a bit." said Blume. "The more distance you can get from that source, the less damaging the radiation can be."

The tower will be 130 feet tall and a city official says it meets all of the local zoning ordinances.

It is unclear how soon the construction on the tower will begin.