Convicted sex offender now facing additional felony charges

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - An out of state registered sex offender, who went to prison after he was convicted on federal charges when he moved to Springfield in 2014 and failed to register as a sex offender, now faces new charges.

Charles Kenneth Mulverhill, 54, has just been charged in Greene County with four felonies: child molestation, attempted child enticement, and two counts of statutory rape.

Greene County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Patterson said when they were notified of his recent release, prosecutors decided to proceed with state prosecution.

Court documents say Mulverhill had been living with a girl who said he repeatedly sexually abused her when she was 13 and 14 years old.

In further investigation, a Cyber Crimes Task Force uncovered intimate texts and private Facebook messages between Mulverhill and the girl, and that he had been allowed to take her to Disneyland alone.

But those accusations were not initially made. Investigators say the girl an her mother initially denied Mulverhill and the girl spent time alone together, and her mother admitting she knew he was a registered sex offender.

Bringing up an obstacle often seen when it comes to prosecuting sex offenders. Brandi Bartel, Executive Director at The Victim Center, has no connection with the Mulverhill case, but explains the complicated and sensitive issue of why some victims hold back from reporting abuse.

"Often times, especially if there's children involved, victims have very few resources, very few options. They many not have physical resources like transportation, cash in the bank. Perhaps they're unemployed. They may be afraid their children may be removed from them, and most parents feel like they can best protect their children if they're in the home with their children, by their children's side."

For Charles K. Mulverhill, he has been ordered to stay away from the victim and her family. A court date on these new charges has not been set.