Conway restaurant awarded for their efforts during a massive highway wreck

Published: Feb. 15, 2018 at 9:48 PM CST
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It's been nearly two weeks since the huge pile up on Interstate 44 near Conway.

The Rocking Chair Restaurant, where victims of the crash were bused to get help on that night was given the business of the month award by The Conway Betterment League.

"It's well deserved," said Larry Jacobsen.

He was at the Rocking Chair Restaurant shortly after the accident a few weeks ago.

"They are really great people. They proved it that night," he said.

He got a call to pick up his granddaughter who was stranded on the highway.

"It kind of took my breath away. I saw all these cars scattered all over the place. We're walking between cars and we're thinking, gosh, how did people survive this," he said, describing the wreckage on the highway.

He, like many others were shocked to see the video of her jumping out of her car, narrowly escaping an tractor trailer truck.

"It was like, oh my gosh, did this just happen? "She hit the back of the eighteen wheeler, she texted her boyfriend and said, I've had an accident. Then she looked up in her mirror and saw that 18 wheeler bearing down on her and she threw open the car door and scrambled. "She just knew she had to get out of the way," he said.

Jacobsen took her to the restaurant to file her report with the highway patrol. That's when he encountered every other survivor.

"It was one of those life altering experiences," he said.

Jacobsen believes that everyone being together inside the Rocking Chair Restaurant may have been just what they needed to heal.

"Everybody was able to talk about it and talk through it and get through it. It was a great coming together for a common bond," he said.

The Conway Betterment League is a newly formed group.

The business of the month award given to the Rocking Chair Restaurant was the first one they've given out.

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