Conway woman survives knife attack and kidnapping in Illinois

Published: Oct. 18, 2017 at 10:21 PM CDT
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An Ozarks woman is speaking out about personal safety and concealed carry after being attacked by a man with a knife.

Diane McIntire was visiting family in Moline, Illinois when a Sunday afternoon trip to the mall nearly cost her her life.

"Totally not what I expected. I lived there even though it was a big city to me, I was still comfortable there," she says.

She noticed something strange after parking her truck.

"I looked at my mirror and I see this guy. There was my truck and empty space and another car. He was back by the tail end of this car," she explains.

McIntire says she noticed a city bus drive by and thought the man may have been waiting for another to return to the stop, or maybe he was waiting for a ride.

She continues gathering her belongings. She has a license to carry a fire arm in Missouri but wasn't sure how the gun laws applied in Illinois. To be safe, she places her pistol in the center compartment of her truck.

She proceeds to get out of her vehicle. That's when the fight for her life begins.

"He rushed from the back of this car and he was right here in my face," she says.

McIntire manages to fend off her attacker. She pushes him off of her and kicks him to the ground.

He gets off the ground and thrusts towards her, stabbing her in the arm with a large knife.

She says, "I felt the burn. I felt the blood gush. I knew I was cut. It still didn't register. All of the sudden he said do you believe in God?"

He is referring to a sticker on the rear window of her truck. She assures him that she does.

The attacker tells her he needs a ride and forces her at knifepoint to drive out to the county. During the ride, he throws her cellphone out of the moving vehicle to make sure she can't call for help.

"I didn't know why we were going where we were going. Although he did tell me, he said, I'm not going to rape you or molest you. You don't got to worry about that. I thought to myself, no I just have to about whether I'm going to stay alive or not," she says.

Nearly 40 minutes into the kidnapping the truck came to a stop at a house. The attacker opens the door and drops the knife. That's when McIntire decides to make her move. She reaches for the gun her attacker doesn't know she has, from a compartment in her vehicle.

"He was getting out over there and I just waited until he bent down and I opened it up and grabbed it out and shut it (compartment door) down and got out. He come around the back. That's when I just, right at his chest right there," she says pointing her fingers in the shape of a gun.

She says the man was surprised.

"He said, I told you I wasn't going to hurt you. I said, dude you are not going to hurt me because I'm going to kill you if you get anywhere near me."

McIntire doesn't shoot. She tells the man to get his things out of her truck and head to the house.

"For two reasons. Number one, I did not want to take a human life if I did not have to. Number two, I wanted to keep my pistol," she says.

She wants everyone, especially women to keep their safety in mind.

"Be aware of your surroundings, to prepared as much as you possible can. Hence, why I have my concealed carry," she explains.

She says her faith helped her survive.

"It was definitely God in me that kept me calm. The holy spirit was definitely right there with me," says McIntire.

She was treated at the hospital for the knife injuries to her arm.

Her attacker is behind bars facing a number of charges including aggravated kidnapping.

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