Coroner: Texas County, Mo. girl's death not caused by the flu

TEXAS COUNTY, Mo. -- The death of a young girl under investigation in Texas County.
The coroner says while her death was not caused by the flu, she says it is related to the virus.
Following the death, rumors circulated that the girl was killed by an unknown strain of Influenza.

Monday, Texas County authorities learned of the death of a 10-year-old girl in Summersville.

The Texas County Sheriff says the girl was suffering from a medical issue.

The coroner says while the girl's death had some relation to the typical flu virus, her death was not caused by the virus.

But by Tuesday, rumors began circulating that a new strain of the flu led to the girl's death.

Those rumors are not true, according to the Shannon County Health Department.

Texas County Coroner Marie Lasater agrees, posting Wednesday, "While final autopsy results are still pending, I can assure everyone that there are no health concerns related to the recent death."

She also says the girl was not contagious at the time of death and there should be no concern for the public.

There are two things that state and local health professionals want you to know: One, there is no new strain of the flu going around and number two, it's not too late to get your flu shot.

In Shannon County, there have been 33 cases of Influenza A and 48 cases of Influenza B.

In Texas County, 53 cases of influenza were reported last week, for a total of 253 this flu season.

Ozarks Medical Center Hospitalist Dr. Linda Wangui, says doctors are seeing similar numbers for flu strains A and B but nothing else.

"So far what we've seen is about 50 percent of influenza A and 50 percent of influenza B. Every so often there are patients who will have both strains at the same time, but that is really rare," Dr. Wangui told KY3.

Dr. Wangui says people with pre-existing medical conditions need to take extra precautions to stay flu free.

Doctors stress good hand hygiene and the flu vaccine has the best ways to combat the flu.

"We strongly, strongly advise the community to get vaccinated if you haven't already," Dr. Wangui said.

Final autopsy results could be ready in a couple of weeks.

Clarification: The young girl was not a patient at OMC in West Plains.