Council decision on Parkside home could come at next meeting

WEST PLAINS, Mo. -- In just 10 days, the fate of the Parkside-Butler house could be decided by the West Plains City Council.

Back in late June, the city sought proposals from groups that wish to renovate the 4,000 square foot home that sits in the middle of Butler Children's Park.

"On August 1st, from my understanding there were two proposals put in. One from Friends of the Parkside house and one from the city," West Plains City Administrator Tom Stehn said.

In the Friends of Parkside's proposal, the house would be renovated into a children's discovery center.

Currently they have raised around $150,000 towards renovation costs.

The city's proposal is to knock down the home and possibly replace it with an all-inclusive playground.

"We'd love to see a discovery center in the City of West Plains. We don't personally believe that's probably the best location. The biggest question is the sustainability of that house and the funds to fix it," Stehn told KY3.

Friday, Jason Whitehead of HistoriCorps, a non-profit that looks to save and sustain historic places for public benefit, looked over the property.

HistoriCorps is also the group that would renovate the home if the Friends of Parkside's proposal was passed by city council.

"There certainly are some issues that need to be addressed in the cellar, foundation and basement. It's not that difficult to take care of those things. Other than those, from what I'm seeing on the interior, this house is in great condition," Whitehead exclaimed.

Stehn says city council could decide to gather more information or table the decision for another date.

"City council is reviewing both proposals. We are planning at this time to put in on the agenda for the Monday, August 20th city council. We hope for approval but we're not sure."

Estimations for the renovation of the Parkside house range from $600,000 to upwards of one million dollars.