2 people, baby survive cold after car swept away at low-water crossing in Ozark County

Courtesy: Ozark County Times

NEAR THEODOSIA, Mo. -- Two adults and a baby survived hours in the cold after their car was swept away by flooding near Theodosia, Mo.

Investigators say it happened early Thursday morning at Haskins Ford Crossing on Bull Shoals Lake. Deputies found the three stranded along the banks of the lake between 9:30 and 10 a.m., suffering from hypothermia.

Deputies say the driver drove across a low-water area that often floods. The vehicle became quickly submerged. The woman grabbed the infant out of the backseat and they escaped through a window of the car. The two then managed to make it to the river bank. The man driving the car escaped out another window and swam to an opposite side of the river.

Deputies say all three spent nearly four hours on the banks in wet clothes. The baby had to be warmed up, lethargic from the cold. As an ambulance arrived, the infant started crying. Emergency crews transported all three to a hospital with symptoms of hypothermia.

Investigators have not released the names of the victims.