Couple saves man from drowning in Bull Shoals Lake in Missouri

THEODOSIA, Mo. - You hear about right place, right time. But Davin Friend and his wife, Kasey Friend, think this was something more.

"I think it was God's divine timing that put us here at that time," Davin Friend said.

They are the heroes who saved Michael Atkins, after he spent a long day on his boat fishing on Bull Shoals Lake.

Atkins tied up his boat to the dock, but apparently not well enough.

Atkins said, "I come up here, I look back and my boat is floating away."

The boat was heading toward the bank, so he took the matter into his own hands.

Atkins said, "I just take off without thinking, and jump in the water, and start going out for it."

By the looks of it, the dock and the bank don't seem that far away from each other, but once you're in the water, it's a different story.

"Well about middle ways or something close to it, I just ran out of energy. I couldn't swim anymore," Atkins said.

And he said it was getting more and more difficult to stay above the water.

Atkins said, "I was thinking, 'Well I'm going to drown. That's it for me. I'm going to drown.' Because I only had like this much of my face sticking out of the water. When I saw the pickup coming by, then I was raising my arm hollering, 'Help! Help! Help!'"

And in that pickup were his heroes: Davin Friend, a local pastor, and his wife Kasey, who were running late to get to a fish fry.

Davin said, "Came across the bridge there in the background, and we just so happened to see his boat and his jeep, and noticed something wasn't right, and then we spotted him in the water, and my wife said, 'I think he's going under.' So we just did a U-turn and came back."

Kasey said, "I just ran in, and jumped in, and began swimming because one way or the other I was going to get there first, or Davin was going to get there first."

It ended up being Davin.

Davin said, "I got one hand under his arm, and started treading water, and started going toward the boat."

Once they got to the boat they were able to get back to the dock,and the Friends even made sure Atkins got home safe, and checked in on him later that day.

Atkins said, "I've always believed in God. And he's looking out for me. I just want to thank them for saving my life, and I'll never forget them."

And Atkins said this isn't stopping him. He's planning to go out on his boat again on Saturday.