Cox Health Foundation makes sure cancer patients are "Knot Forgotten"

Published: Dec. 12, 2019 at 5:30 AM CST
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Battling cancer is the fight of one’s life. Those with the Cox Health Foundation believe the courage needed for such a struggle deserves recognition.

That strength can be honored and memorialized through the Cox Health Foundation’s "Knot Forgotten" Christmas trees. It’s the decorations that make these trees special. Each one is covered with red, gold and silver “knots,” or bows, in honor or in memory of cancer patients and their caregivers.

"You see people in all walks of the journey here," began Whitney Williams of the Cox Health Foundation. "They're going to have good days and tough days."

Williams said the "knots" serve two purposes. They can spread some much needed holiday cheer throughout hospital hallways. The trees also raise money for the things patients need most. "When we get a phone call at the foundation office and they're needing support, whether it be medication, medical devices, whatever it might be that they might need in their journey, we are going to provide with these funds," explained Williams. Proceeds from the "Knot Forgotten" trees benefit the Glauser Oncology Fund’s Patient Advocacy Program. The program helps patients with free medications, travel assistance, nutritional supplements and supportive medical care in the hospital and at home.

Every bow or "knot" will have a card attached with the donor’s name, as well as the name of each honoree. The colors of the bows represent different categories. Red bows are available "in memory" of individuals; gold bows are meant to be "in celebration" of survivors; or silver bows which are intended to honor caregivers.

Bows are $10 each and can be purchased at the Allenbrand Resource Center inside Hulston Cancer Center, in the north lobby and in the West Pavilion lobby of Cox South, or online. Those interested in making a larger donation can also donate a gift box to go under one of the "Knot Forgotten" trees for $500. Trees are displayed at Cox South’s north lobby and West Pavilion, and in Hulston Cancer Center.

Donors have until December 31 to contribute.