CoxHealth experts create face shields for healthcare workers amid shortage

Published: Mar. 21, 2020 at 6:00 PM CDT
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Experts from CoxHealth and the Jordan Valley Innovation Center have teamed up to create a reusable face shield, using 3D-printing and laser cutting technology.

Leaders are looking for more creative solutions as the Coronavirus pandemeic has lead to scarce supply of some healthcare equipment.

With this new face shield, experts say it can prolong the life of the mask.

"The challenge was to make something more reusable than something we can just throw away," said Scott Rogers.

Innovation Director Scott Rogers says the material of face shields used while battling the virus can easily carry germs, resulting in having to dispose of them often.

Instead, Rogers and his team designed a face shield that would need a simple wipe from medical grade germicide before use again.

"So we can wipe them down with that and let them sit for 2 minutes and then they are good to go," said Rogers.

Rogers says to build the shield you need safety frames, a nosepiece created by a 3D printer, a clear face shield, and a small zip tie. He says while there is no equipment shortage at Cox hospitals in the Ozarks, they are testing out the shields in hospitals.

"We're getting good feedback, they really like it," said Rogers.

Rogers says they have put instructional videos on-line, hoping to help hospitals worldwide find solutions during this difficult time.

"Anybody can hand cut these if they want to, whole punch this if they want to, the idea is to make something anybody can do if they have the right materials," said Rogers.

For the link for the instructional videos,