Cox Health prepares to roll out cutting edge technology for patients

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- "Think in terms of the ramifications if you're not connected to the right medical record," said IT Administrative Director for Cox Health, Jack Cole.

What may sound like science fiction, Cole added,"when you put your hand on this little device, it will use light and it will actually pick up the pattern of your veins".

Will soon be reality in the Ozarks. As Cox Health is launching it's newest, cutting edge technology.

"It's not bleeding edge, it's leading edge." said Cole.

It's the first of its kind in the state of Missouri. But, Cox Health will join 500 other hospitals across the country already using the palm vein scanning system to better maintain and access patient records.

"We wanna make sure that when the patient comes to the hospital, we have them directly associated with their correct medical record," Cole said. "When you're doing it all with human intervention, you have the opportunity for human error."

Biometric scanning will help prevent that from happening, because each scan can only be associated with one continuous medical record.

And, the system comes with safety measures built in. The first time you have your hand scanned, the image will pop up on the screen for the person enrolling you, but after that, it's then stored as a number.

But, what makes this scan so accurate and secure?

"The palm vein pattern recognition is using abut 30,000 points," Cole said. "A fingerprint uses maybe as many as 15. The objective is to make sure our clinicians have what they need at the moment they need it."