CoxHealth builds super clinics in Christian County

Published: Jun. 5, 2020 at 6:19 AM CDT
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A health care provider in the Ozarks is taking the supermarket approach to packing as many different options into one place to better serve patients.

CoxHealth is in the midst of creating two "Super Clinics” in Christian County. One will be built in Ozark, the other in Nixa.

CoxHealth looked into what patients wanted and needed in healthcare before starting the project. After planning and preparation, Cox is packing many resources into 30,000 square feet.

Media relations manager, Kaitlyn McConnell, described the super clinics as being the direction health care is heading, a one-stop-shop for patients.

"We're going to offer a lot of things in one place. We're going to have primary care, urgent care, physical therapy, and even in Ozark; there's going to be a pharmacy and pediatrics all in one place."

The Nixa clinic is being built from the ground up. The one in Ozark is in an existing building that is being expanded and remodeled. The super clinic's launched last fall, and while the goal was to have the clinics up by early fall 2020, construction was delayed a bit.

"COVID did not have any impact on that at all," assured Mcconnell. "Instead, it was the rain that caused some delays. But in the end, we're thankfully having some sunny weather now. Hopefully, we'll be able to catch up some in the summer."

In Ozark, the new facility will be located at U.S. 65 and State Highway CC, and in Nixa, on U.S. 160 just north of State Highway14.