Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs to display artifacts to public

Published: Jun. 5, 2019 at 8:38 PM CDT
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In the 1930s, a man claimed he had miraculous cures for cancer in Eureka Springs.

"One of the people who is very prominent is Norman Baker, the guy who ran this place as a faux cancer hospital for a couple of years," said Keith Scales, the ghost tour manager at the Crescent Hotel.

That hospital is now the haunted Crescent Hotel.

But just a few months ago archaeologists dug up dozens of bottles out of the ground next to the hotel that are believed to contain his "miraculous cures."

Many of the bottles with medical specimen inside were sent to the state crime lab.

"We certainly are as interested in learning what's in potion number 5 or cure number 5. We pretty much know what's in the other jars, which is a little gross, but we pretty much know that that medical specimen is probably human tissue," said Jack Moyer, the general manager of the hotel.

But now the public will get to see that history at no charge on Saturday at 7 p.m. at the hotel's conservatory.

"Obviously we have built an enclosure to protect the sight. Everyone wants to see it in its natural state. And we have created that opportunity. We're going to unveil that Saturday night. It just so happens at the same time of this Ghost Adventures, which is a big show," Moyer said.

The hotel is known for its ghost tours, and the bottle collection will be added to those tours.

"It's real history," Moyer said. "You don't have to see it in a book or read it on the internet. You can come here and live it and literally see where they were in the ground and go right up next to them during the Ghost Tour."

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