DNR to provide updates for citizens concerned about TCE contamination

Published: Feb. 11, 2019 at 7:54 PM CST
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The Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) will now provide email updates for citizens concerned about trichloroethylene (TCE). Rep. Sonya Anderson announced this new development Monday afternoon.

This is the full statement:

"As state Rep. Sonya Anderson has worked to ensure the residents near Fantastic Caverns have safe, clean drinking water, she has continued to communicate with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources on this critical issue, and to provide suggestions to the department regarding how it can better communicate with residents. This week she announced that DNR has put one of her suggestions into place by providing an email update notification so that residents can follow the latest developments with the former Litton Site.

“It has been a priority for me to keep the lines of communication open with residents living in this area so that they’re fully aware of the latest information regarding their drinking water and the cleanup efforts at the former Litton Site. I suggested to DNR that the department could help by providing an email notification system to alert folks any time there is new information, and I am happy to say the department moved very quickly to put a notification system in place,” said Anderson, R-Springfield.

Anderson said those living in the impacted area should visit DNR’s webpage at the following URL: By clicking the mail icon on the top right of the page, interested parties can submit an email address and then receive notification any time the Litton Site page is updated with new information.

Anderson said she continues to communicate with the department regarding its efforts and is working with the department to hold an informational meeting where residents can learn about the latest efforts to clean up the former Litton site and ensure the safety of drinking water in the area. She said she also continues to work with the department to find other avenues where better communication can be achieved, not only for the former Litton Site, but for all sites throughout the state that may have a similar issue."

KY3/KSPR will continue to follow this story.

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