Douglas County Sheriff: Man arrested in deaths of puppies posted to social media

Published: Aug. 31, 2017 at 2:22 PM CDT
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Authorities have arrested a man for posting a graphic video of himself on Facebook, beating a litter of puppies to death.

Investigators at the Douglas County Sheriff's Office first saw the graphic video on Tuesday, and they've been working on this case ever since.

The video posted on a rural Douglas county man's Facebook page outraged many, including his friend, Becky Parker.

Parker says, "I got through about 3 seconds of the video. And then I immediately contacted him, and he kept rejecting my calls, and finally he messaged me back and said it was none of my business; I was blowing it out of proportion."

The video shows the puppies being beaten to death with a baseball bat. Parker and others reported it to law enforcement. Douglas County Sheriff Chris Degase says, "A lot of the evidence is there. The ball bat; we're able to match up the ball bat; you could read the writing on the video."

Degase says a bat matching the one in the video was seized from the man's car when Mountain Grove officers arrested him this morning. They planned the arrest in a traffic stop to avoid a situation like another with the same man in the past.

"He was combative; he had a 22. We ended up, I believe 96 hour committing him for a mental evaluation, and then really haven't had any contact with him since then. But that incident there was tense. I believe he was tased twice," says Degase.

Parker is shocked by the deadly beating, but also concerned for the man. "He confided in me; he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, unrightfully,he says, and he never took his medications, ever," Parker says.

"My opinion, I do believe he has some type of mental disorder," says Degase.

"He has no remorse, which kind of unnerved me a little bit. I just want him to get some help. For his safety, I'm glad he's in custody, and for our safety, and all the animals out there," says Parker.

The man accused of making that video is now being held in the Douglas County jail; the sheriff expects charges by tomorrow.

The sheriff says the man gave consent for investigators to search his property, and the Douglas County Sheriff and the Humane Society of Missouri arrived at his home Thursday afternoon in eastern Douglas County. The man's Facebook page shows an adult female dog with a caption including, "This female canine doesn't have the stress of the vagrant impregnation that was the five pup litter." It's unclear if he has any other animals. The Facebook page also included recent posts of links about pet euthanasia.