Dade County Health Department opens first dental clinic

DADE COUNTY, Mo.-- Right now, many people in Dade County have to drive more than 30 minutes to see a dentist. But, soon, they'll be able to get their teeth cleaned and cavities filled much closer to home.

"We need dental care here, really bad," said Pamela Allen.

Pamela Allen works for the Dade County Health Department. she was also born and raised in Lockwood. She says she has been working on bringing a dental clinic to the county for the last 14 years.

"Because when I first started working here there was one dentist for the entire county," said Allen.

The one dentist is still the only dentist in serving the entire community, some even outside the county. Allen says not everyone could see the dentist either.

"He was a very good dentist, but he did not accept Medicaid so you had to drive 40-50 miles just to get care," said Allen.

Allen says not only will a dental clinic in the area help children in the area, but also their parents and the elderly.

Bobby White has been living in Greenfield for the past 50 years, he also was the first one to sign up for an appointment at the clinic.

"I wanted to get my teeth fixed and everything," said White.

He says he couldn't go to the only dentist in the county because they didn't accept his insurance. He would end up driving 30-40 miles to different towns to see a dentist once a year.

Allen says this new clinic will accept insurance, non-insured, and Medicaid.

"We are doing fillings, extractions, crowns, dentures, I mean we are doing the whole bowl of wax," said Allen

The clinic is set to open October 15..