Date Night? Simple ways to save calories at the restaurant

Published: Jul. 19, 2019 at 11:40 AM CDT
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If you're heading out for a date night but you don't like the guilt or feeling super full after the meal, we're here with some solutions on this Fit Life.

Owner Pat Duran did a food comparison by preparing a half portion salmon dish cooked in avocado oil, a very healthy oil, with a “skinny side” of cauliflower, sweet corn, a protein packed grain called quinoa and roasted pumpkin seeds seasoned with curry. We compared this dish to a full portion of salmon cooked in cream sauce and served with mashed potatoes. By cutting the portion in half and changing up the sides, Pat delivered a healthier dish that saved almost a thousand calories.

In the healthier dish, Pat omitted most of the carbohydrates by removing the cream sauce, potatoes and butter, which is where the

calories creep into a dish.

Most meals served in restaurants offer more food than needs to be

consumed in one sitting. Most restaurants offer both half portion and full portion options. The half portion is usually plenty of food.

Your stomach is about the size of your fist, and that’s all you’re trying to fill. Also, consider ordering off the lunch menu, which is usually

a smaller portion than the dinner menu.

Another helpful tip to reduce your carb and calorie intake while eating out is to watch for key words used in describing menu items. The dishes to avoid include words like fried, cream, sauce, etc. Also, avoid ordering items cooked or served this way. You can be sure these foods are going to increase your calorie intake.

Instead, order your meats grilled or seared and substitute high calorie side dishes for vegetables and salads. Eating cleaner and healthier will save yourself those extra calories and keep fats and carbohydrates under control.