Deputies find 4-year-old locked in Kansas bedroom soaked with urine, feces

Iola, Kan. (WDAF/CNN) - A Kansas father faces felony charges after deputies say he locked his 4-year-old son in a bedroom alone with no access to food or a bathroom then went to work.

Blayke Reynolds, 22, is being held on $10,000 bond on three felony charges, including aggravated child endangerment, after deputies found his 4-year-old son locked in his bedroom. (Source: Allen County Jail/WDAF/Tribune/CNN)

Blayke Reynolds, 22, is charged with three felonies, including aggravated child endangerment, after deputies found his 4-year-old son in what they say were inhumane conditions in an Iola, Kansas, bedroom.

“There was such a strong ammonia odor in the room. The room was just unbearable. Of course, there’s feces and everything. No way, shape, or form they were living conditions for any human being, let alone a 4-year-old child,” said Allen County Sheriff Brian Murphy.

Deputies forced their way into the home Nov. 4 and broke into the locked bedroom, where they found the boy, after a neighbor saw him banging on the window and calling for help about 5 p.m.

The 4-year-old had no food and no access to a bathroom.

Doctors checked the boy at the hospital. He is in good condition has been returned to the custody of his mother, according to Murphy.

Reynolds is being held on $10,000 bond. He is accused of knowingly leaving his son for about 12 hours while he was at work in La Cygne, Kansas, which is around an hour and a half from the home.

Murphy says Reynolds has temporary visitation rights to see the boy. He told deputies he could not afford childcare.

Neighbor Leo Wood says he and his family would often see the 4-year-old in the bedroom window. His stepdaughter is the one who contacted deputies when she felt something wasn’t right.

“All he would have had to do is come over and knock on the door and say, ‘Hey, I’ve got to be at work. I need a sitter.’ Not a problem,” Wood said.

Deputies are investigating reports this may not have been the first time the boy was locked in the room and left alone.

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