Deputies investigate shots fired at Harrison church; 1 in custody

NEAR HARRISON, Ark. -- Boone County, Arkansas deputies say a man is in custody after firing shots at a church.

A church congregation in Arkansas got a big scare Wednesday Night after the church was hit by gunfire.

"Just all the sudden you hear the four, five, six pops," said Pentecostal Tabernacle Pastor, David Shekels.

David Shekels has been the pastor of Pentecostal Tabernacle for 20 years. Wednesday night four bullets hit his church.

Shekels says, "When that happened we did the first normal thing we could think of, which we probably shouldn't have, but we did. We ran outside to see what it was."

Church member Mike Conway says, "Right through here. I was walking right through here."

Mike Conway is one of several church members to fan out and try to make sense of the noises they heard. He and two others headed north of the church towards a gate.

"Right there where the markers and stuff are at, that's where we found him."

Police say 33-year-old Timothy Swift fired the shots and is in custody. Conway says his group found him intoxicated and nearly passed out.

Conway says, "We didn't know it at the time, but he had the gun underneath a case of beer. He'd shot all of his shots, but we didn't know that either."

Another member of the group to fins him is Wayne Stuart, a former police officer.

Wayne Stuart says, "When something happens like that I kind of go into a different mode and started reverting back to my law enforcement days."

He remained calm and the men shined a flashlight in the suspect's eyes while one of them called 911.

"Officer Pemberton is the one that jumped up on top of him, subdued him, and handcuffed him, and had him secured in the blink of an eye."

"It was the good Lord that kept every single one of us safe. Even the individual that fired the shots was safe. That's the best outcome you can get, I guess."

None of the bullets hit anyone and police say Swift faces terrorism and drug charges.