Despite multiple recycling center closures, Lebanon center remains open

Lebanon, Mo.-- Tin Cans, aluminum cans, and cardboard are just a few things people can recycle at Laclede Industries in Lebanon.

"I love to recycle, its good for the environment and I am trying to set a good example for my son," said Bill Sybert.

Bill Sybert is just one of the nearly 200 that shows up to recycle on any given day but Sybert says the one Saturday a month offered is his day of choice.

Linda Kimrey, the executive director for Laclede Industries, says operating a recycling center in 2019 is a tough job, especially economically.

"Ya know when I started in 2006 we were getting approximately 96 cents a pound for aluminum cans and now we are lucky if we get 38-40," said Kimrey.

Kimrey says the only way she has been able to stay open for normal business hours is through the support of the community along with the city and various grants, but in order to stay open on a Saturday, she applied for a grant through the Community Foundation for Laclede County.

"People give their money to this awesome organization and they turn around and give back to this community for the services that people need," said Kimrey.

Melinda Fries, who works for the Community Foundation says the grant was less than a thousand dollars.

"Its an opportunity to recycle things on a Saturday instead of trying to worry about when we can get in on a workday," said Fries.

Kimrey says she is working to secure another grant to keep the service going on a Saturday once a month as we head into 2020.