Dickerson Park Zoo Olympic games

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Crowds lined up today at the Dickerson park zoo for their spin on the Olympic games.

Weston Marquart, a zookeeper at Dickerson Park Zoo, said, "Patience (the elephant) back here actually did a summer Olympic event, did soccer, but we had some speed scaters, some luge.",

And there was another big competitor in curling

"Probably the biggest curler, probably not the best, but the biggest curler, our giraffe," Marquart said.

While these games did draw quite a crowd, their purpose was for more than just entertainment.

"It' enrichment, it's a stimulus for the animals. It keeps their mind involved. We also like to promote natural behaviors, whether that be foraging for food, running, jumping," Marquart said.

Which means that these athletes have put in plenty of time with their trainer before their gold metal game .

"Some of our trainers have been training some of the behaviors for a while now. Not for this particular event, ,but for everything that they do, and it just so happened to coincide with the fun of the winter Olympic games," Marquart said.

The trainers accepted metals on behalf of their athletes, and will soon resume off season training.

The zoo's Olympic games are over, but they do host other monthly events. To see a list of these events, visit their website https://dickersonparkzoo.org/Zoo/events.