Ditch the stomach ache, try these foods before a challenge

Springfield, Mo KY3's Paul Adler visits with Pamela Hernandez of Thrive Personal Fitness. Pamela says don't skip food before a workout or run because you're worried about a sour stomach.

Here are some ideas for pre-workout fuel from Pamela:

What To Eat BeforeYour Workout

Before you tell me you aren't hungry in the morning let me explain why you have to eat breakfast before a morning workout. You have been fasting overnight so your body has very little circulating glucose. When you exercise your body runs on a combination of glucose and fat (your brain is working almost exclusively on glucose). Without half of the fuel formula needed you won't have enough energy to
do the work. Your workout will be less intense, less powerful and less effective. You won't reap the benefits and no one has time for wasted effort.

The good news is a pre-workout breakfast can be very simple. You may not want a full stomach when you know you're going to be hot, sweaty and moving around very quickly. You probably don't have the time to make a traditional breakfast.

Here's a list of small protein and smart carb snacks to eat before a workout:

**** One hard-boiled egg with a Wasa Crispbread and fruit spread

****One Vanilla Coconut Protein Pancake (leftover from the weekend, of course)

****A small apple with a tablespoon of peanut butter

**** A bar like NugoSlim or LunaBar.

****Dry roasted edamame and a mini-box of raisins.

Don't forget to refuel after too! Try this recipe for my Mocha Chai Protein Smoothie to help you replenish and repair after a challenging workout.