Dixon, Mo. school leaders deem threat not credible; send message to kids, parents

Published: Dec. 3, 2019 at 3:35 PM CST
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School leaders in Dixon, Mo. dismissed talk of a possible school threat. They also had a message for parents.

The district investigated a report of a possible student threat December 2.

District leaders began an immediate investigation, which included interviewing multiple students, none of whom provided any reliable information to confirm the rumors. School officials determined no credible threat was made and that no students or staff members were in danger. When rumors continued to circulate, district leaders then contacted law enforcement. They too came to the same conclusion.

Superintendent Duane Doyle released this statement on Facebook:

"We commend students for reporting concerns about their safety. At the same time, it is times like these that we feel compelled to remind the public of the harm that can be caused by spreading unverified rumors. We also remind the public that everything we read or see on social media is not always 100% factual. Rumors harm the reputation of the person who is the subject matter of the rumors and can cause emotional distress to all involved. Additionally, students have been unnecessarily frightened and decided not to come to school today, depriving them of their education. At the school, we will use this incident as a teaching moment and will remind students to act responsibly on social media, to think critically, and to treat all members of our school community in a respectful and welcoming manner. We ask that parents reiterate these lessons at home."

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