Dog rescued from morning house fire in Springfield

 Courtesy: @SGFFireChief (Twitter)
Courtesy: @SGFFireChief (Twitter) (KY3)
Published: Jan. 25, 2020 at 10:55 AM CST
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A dog was rescued from a house fire Saturday morning in Springfield, Missouri.

The fire happened the 1500 block of N. Broadway. Crews responded to the scene around 7:45 a.m.

"Hold on to the ones you love because you never know when it could be over," said the owner of the home Brittany Scherff.

Scherff and her boyfriend woke up Saturday to the sound of their smoke alarm.

"Five more minutes and we wouldn't have made it out because the ceiling collapsed in the doorway that we went out of," she said.

Scherff said in a moment of panic, her first thought was her 13-year-old dog Bitty.

"She went and put her head under the bed, which she does that when she gets scared, so I knew where she was," she said. "I just kept telling firefighters 'she's under the bed, she's under the bed."

Officials said EMS helped both people in response.

Scherff said her boyfriend was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation and she suffered minor injuries.

"He was trying to get me to get out because I didn't want to leave Bitty in there," she said.

Bitty was still inside the home when Scherff left for the hospital.

"The whole trip over there I thought she was dead and I was just hysterical," she said. "The nurse, whenever she was taking me to the conference room, said that Bitty was alive and I just like collapsed on the floor."

The dog spent part of its day at the emergency vet before reuniting with it's owner.

"She just came up to me and put her head up on my chest and I put my head on hers," Scherff said. "It's just happy."

Officials said the house damage is considered a total loss. Scherff said firefighters were able to save what the couple cherishes most: Bitty and an American Flag that holds an irreplaceable meaning.

"My boyfriend, it's his dads and it was in a display case in the room that caught fire," she said. "It's really important to him because it's the only thing he has left of his dad."

A fire marshal was on scene Saturday morning. Investigators are still working to find out what caused the fire or where it started.

Firefighters said the couple's working smoke detectors potentially saved their lives.

"It's just important to have working smoke alarms in your house," said Battalion Chief Eric Latimer. "The occupants in this house were very lucky, they were asleep and the smoke alarms did alert them and they were able to get out of the house."