Dog survives leaping from RV during high-speed chase in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES (CNN) - Two dogs were inside the RV in California that led police on a wild chase Tuesday evening.

A dog survived a fall out of an RV during a high-speed chase through Los Angeles. (Source: KABC/CNN)

One of the dogs survived a jump out of the speeding vehicle.

The RV was allegedly stolen, with a 52-year-old woman at the wheel and two terrified dogs on board as it tore through the streets.

One crawled out of the broken windshield while the vehicle was in motion.

The chase was carried on live TV, as viewers pulled for the pooches in peril.

Finally, the RV ran into a tree and it turned into a foot race.

The second dog could be seen with what looked like a three-paw limp. Then it posed, panting behind the cuffed suspect.

That rogue RV left plenty of damage in its wake, with a few people getting minor injuries.

The mastiff-mix that fell onto the highway had lacerations and soft tissue damage, but it is now in good hands.

"She let us clean her paw. She let us place the bandage on her paw. She's a really sweet dog," said veterinarian Dr. Hughes Sanders.

Both dogs are now in the care of animal control. The next issue is figuring out who owns the death-defying pups.

"She has a rocky road for the next few weeks, but we expect her to do very well," Sanders said.

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