Dogs attack and kill cattle on North Arkansas farm

Published: Jan. 11, 2018 at 10:51 PM CST
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UPDATE: Two more calves were killed Friday. The farmers were able to shoot and kill the two dogs who attacked them. The investigator with the Sheriff's Office believe they killed the ringleader.

More than 30 calves were ripped apart by domestic dogs in Newton County.

Kenny Lee, the farmer who owns the calves, said, "The nose would be ripped off completely down to their teeth. The ears would be eaten into the heads."

Officials and the farmer believe the dogs are coming from nearby homes and forming a pack.

Investigator Glenn Wheeler, with the Newton County Sheriff's Office, said, "Dogs are a lot like teenage boys. You get a few of them together unsupervised, and there's probably going to be some problems."

The slaughtered cows come with a hefty price tag. Each calf is worth about $900-1,000 a head.

"They just couldn't make it.," Lee said. "So the ones who weren't dead, we'd go ahead and shoot them."

The farmer said at first when he found the dead calves, he thought they were sick. But then a neighbor saw the dogs attack.

"He went back to his house, he got his gun," Lee said. "And he killed what he thought was the ring leader that was on one of the calves holding it down at the time."

The farmers were able to shoot and kill another dog, but there are still more out there. Officials identified at least one of the owners.

Wheeler said, "They're responsible for their own dogs and they can be liable for damage that they do."

Newton County does not have a leash law, and it is legal to shoot and kill a dog if it's chasing or killing your livestock.