Dollar General hears town's pleas for help, announces new store

Published: Oct. 6, 2019 at 7:24 PM CDT
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This summer, the small town of Koshkonong, located in Oregon County, started a social media campaign in hopes of attracting a Dollar General to town. Earlier this week, the town got an answer from the company.

In July, the town of Koshkonong put out a plea for help.

"30 days of Dollar General; Let's just tell them how amazing they are and how much we need them and could use them here," said the City of Koshkonong's social media campaign manager Hope Reed.

For years they had heard no.

"The community was calling people, they were writing letters, they were writing emails," Reed added. "They were saying 'hey, our community needs this and Dollar General' [and they] said 'we hear you loud and clear.'"

Earlier this week, the company made an official announcement on the town's Facebook page.

"I'm really happy it's coming," said 5-year-old Beau Reed.

"It's happening. It's really going to happen," Koshkonong Mayor George Hunt exclaimed.

The company says the store will be built along Highway 63 and is slated to open in 2020.

John Smith and his wife drive from Koshkonong to West Plains every Sunday after church to get groceries.

The announcement means those trips will eventually come to and end.

"I can't hardly wait. I tell you what, I'd love to have local people work there," Smith explained.

"It's great news. I think it's a step forward," Bobby Johnson told KY3.

"It's a step forward and progress for this little town. Dollar General is going to be a convenience."

Reed says it just goes to show you what a community can do, if they just come together.

"It's what this community did. They had faith and they pulled together and Dollar General heard us and they heard the demand and we're really, super excited about it," Reed stated.

Now, the wait for opening day begins.

"We're gonna dance in the streets. We are ready," Mayor Hunt added.

Now that they've secured a Dollar General, folks say they'll see what other business they can bring to town.